Music Producer Pavel Haimi, Finland 

SynchroStar Music

Get Ready to dance, feel joy and recharge with SynchroStar's Music Magic


SynchroStar is dedicated to producing uplifting dance music that elevates one's mood, shifts the mind to happiness and nourishes the mind and body with energy.

The person behind SynchroStar is Pavel Haimi. A part time musician and a music producer based in Helsinki Finland.

SynchroStar's music has been featured on the same playlists with e.g. David Guetta, Avicii, DJ Tiësto and Gigi D'agostino. SynchroStar's music has been also played in FM radios in the US and Brazil.


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Hello Music Lovers!

I'm a passionate musician hailing from the vibrant city of Helsinki, Finland, where the melodies of nature blend seamlessly with urban rhythms. My musical voyage began with the tender keys of the piano, a journey that has since evolved into crafting commercial music with a soulful touch.

At the core of my artistry is a simple, yet profound aim: to create music that serves as a beacon of positivity. Each note I compose, every rhythm I create, is designed to uplift, inspire, and infuse a sense of joy into the lives of my listeners.

As you immerse yourself in my melodies, I hope you find a haven of happiness and a spark that lights up your mood. My music is not just a collection of sounds but a heartfelt embrace from Helsinki, reaching out to touch your spirit.

Welcome to my world of music, where every tune is a step towards a brighter, more joyful day. Enjoy the journey, and may my songs be your companions in moments of joy and solace alike." -Pavel Haimi


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